Story Nights are a brave space in local neighbourhoods where everyone is seen and known and loved. At Story Night we believe artists help us to articulate the distinctiveness of our cities. They name tensions, celebrate the good that is occurring, and invite us to take notice of the creative toiling that is being inspired on a local level. They help us, as citizens, to experience a sense of place that grounds us in a particular location.

We can take pride in local art, in part, because it has been shaped and inspired by something we share in common: our place. Coming together to experience the words of Jamaal The Poet or the music of Emmanuel engages us in our communities in a unique way and calls to something deeper in our souls.

The well-being of our neighbourhoods and cities are intrinsically connected to local artists. In the words of Grace Lee Boggs—a social activist, feminist, and philosopher who cared deeply for her city, Detroit…

“[we] need artists to create new images that will liberate us from our preoccupation with constantly expanding production and consumption, and open up space in our hearts and minds to imagine and create.”

At Story Night our creative neighbours invite us to see our places in new ways, nudging us to consider the need for change and moving us to become more attached to our localities—all the while welcoming us to make something meaningful of the places we call home.

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